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   Src ID   Title, Author 
1 S209275 1901 Census of Canada
2 S91948 1911 Census of Canada
3 S783418 1921 Census for Angel`s Cove, NL
4 S645497 1921 census for Branch, NL
5 S758384 1921 Census for Great Barasway
6 S863900 1921 Census for Patrick`s Cove, NL
7 S755834 1921 Jerseyside Census
8 S99632 1921, 1935 & 1945 Little Barasway Census
9 S392920 1921, 1935, 1945 La Manche Census
10 S871042 1935 Census for Patrick`s Cove, NL
11 S91950 Argentia Roman Catholic Records
12 S91945 Baptism Certificate
13 S97513 Big Barasway Cemetary - Headstone Transcription
14 S214094 Big Barasway Census 1935
15 S91946 Birth Certificate
16 S227232 Bonds Path Come Home Year
17 S871978 Catholic Cemeteries Commission of Nova Scotia
18 S213292 Catholic Cemetery, Montgomerie Street, Corner Brook
19 S179688 Coombs Memorial Cemetery, Placentia, NL.
20 S380024 Corner Brook 1945 Census
21 S97514 Death Certificate
22 S677780 Denyce Deters via Peter Tobin, corres. dated 2 Oct 1997
23 S843848 Dermot Foley
24 S247502 Dunville RC Cemetery
25 S402729 Follett Family Tree created by Frank Follett
26 S91949 Freshwater Cemetary - Headstone Transcription
27 S117697 Grand Falls - Old Valley Road Cemetary
28 S117696 Grand Falls 1921 Census
29 S234933 Grand Falls Census 1945
30 S117698 Grand Falls, Twillingate District 1935 Census
31 S251716 Grave Marker in South East Bight
32 S213102 Halifax Herald Obituaries 2002
33 S645496 Hanlon Family Tree
34 S432472 History of Ship Cove
35 S131636 Immaculate Conception Catholic Church Cemetery, Union Street, Grand Falls-Windsor
36 S227233 Info from Dermot Foley
37 S210765 Info from Don Bennett, grandson to Catherine Sullivan
38 S240944 Info from Don Bennett-Information from the Archdiocese of St. John`s Nfld
39 S529712 Info from Genevieve (Benoite) O`Keefe
40 S219905 Info from Ingrid (Schulstad) Solo
41 S701049 Info from Judy Harman as told to Denyce (solo) Kleine Deters
42 S470964 Info from Madonna PremDas
43 S216436 Info from Marguerite LePage, via Denyce (Solo) Deters
44 S785767 Info from Mary Brennan Goyer as told to Denyce (Solo) Deters
45 S783837 Info from Mary Christine Tobin via Denyce (Solo) Kleine Deters
46 S950621 Info from Peter Rene Joseph Foley
47 S596066 Info from Peter Tobin
48 S694130 Info from Rita (O`Keefe) Eason as relayed to Denyce (Solo) Kleine Deters in Sep. 2007
49 S320969 Info from Sandra Jean (Foley) Horvath
50 S720767 Info provided by Lori LaFond
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